Self Referral & Useful Information

If you've got things on your mind that are affecting your day to day life, talking to them about your problems can really help. Call Uplift Merton on: 0203 513 5888 or visit

Merton Uplift is the new name for Talking Therapies which now offers a wider range of face-to-face and digital talking therapies services. There is currently a long waiting list for this service, please read Merton Uplift Information to Patients for more information and useful resources.

  Merton Community MSK Service Self Referral for Physiotherapy

To self refer into the service, please call 0203 795 3430                                     

Merton Physiotherapy  - Patient Guide to Self Referral

 Friendly local support to help you eat well, move more, stop smoking or drink less.

Free one-to-one support from a local health advisor.

Available 7 days a week 7am - 7pm

Either call them on 0208 973 3545 or visit their website

 Free and confidential Youth Counselling service for young people aged 11-25.

For more information visit

Pregnancy Self Referral

It is possible to self refer to most hospitals when you find out that you are pregnant. Please see the links below for some hospitals in the local area.

St George's Hospital - Pregnancy Self Referral

St Helier Hospital - Pregnancy Self Referral

Epsom Hospital - Pregnancy Self Referral

Croydon University Hospital - Pregnancy Self Referral

Kingston Hospital - Pregnancy Self Referral

Sexual Health/Family Planning Clinics

There are many Sexual Health Clinics across London which are walk in clinics and deal with a variety of sexual health needs such as contraception, STI/STD screening etc. Please see below for some useful links and contact numbers.

NHS Sexual Health South West London - 0333 300 2100

Jubilee Clinic at Jubilee Health Centre - 0208 544 2016

The Rosehill Clinic at St Helier Hospital - 0208 296 2543

Croydon Sexual Health Centre - 0208 401 3761 or 0208 401 3002

Kingston Sexual Health at The Wolverton Centre - 0208 974 9331

Streatham Hill Centre - Sexual Health Clinic - 0207 188 7188

Termination of Pregnancy (ToPs) Service

Persons do not need a letter from a GP or clinic and can contact the Central Booking Service direct on:

0345 872 5503

Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Mobile calls are free, landline is charged at local rate

Provider/Local Locations

Service Offered

St Georges Hospital Foundation Trust


Early Medical Abortion

Surgical Abortion up to 19 weeks and 6 days

Marie Stopes UK

Wimbledon (medical only)



Early/Late Medical Abortion

Surgical Abortion up to 23 weeks and 6 days

Vasectomy (Brixton only)

National Unplanned Pregnancy Advisory (NUPAS) Service

Surbiton (medical only)


Early Medical Abortion

Surgical Abortion up to 14 weeks and 6 days

Type 2 Diabetes Information Pack and Leaflets

Type 2 Diabetes Information Pack

Diabetes 15 Healthcare Essentials

10 Simple Steps to Prevent Foot Problems

Food Labels Made Easy

Prediabetes Information Pack and Leaflets

Prediabetes Action Pack

Prediabtetes Patient Flyer

You will also find lots of useful information about Diabetes and Prediabetes on the following websites:

Diabetes UK - 




Your Neighbourhood Professionals. Just a Click Away!
Your Neighbourhood Professionals. Just a Click Away!