To make an appointment please visit our Consulting Room.

Regular Appointments

All consultations are by appointment. Routine appointments can be booked to deal with ongoing problems or problems that are not urgent, up to 2 weeks in advance to see a GP. We are unable to guarantee a consultation with a specific doctor.

Nurse appointments are bookable up to one month in advance with limited same day availability.

If you are unable attend, then please cancel your appointment. This is so we can offer it to another patient.

On The Day Appointments

On the day appointments are for new urgent medical problems or conditions that have only been present for a short time (no more than a few days) and need prompt treatment. If your medical condition is genuinely urgent, you will be helped as quickly as possible either by advice over the telephone or by being given an urgent appointment at the surgery on the day that you call.

If you are unable to keep attend, please cancel your appointment.

Using on the day appointment for matters that are not urgent means that other people have to wait longer to be seen.

Telephone Appointments

Call the surgery on 020 8764 2666. If you request telephone appointment from the duty doctor/nurse practitioner, your call will be returned the same-day.

Home Visits

Home visits are made to patients the doctor consider to be too ill or immobile to come to the surgery. Requests should be made, if possible, before 10.30am giving the receptionist as much information as you can to assist the doctor in deciding the degree of urgency.

Test Results

You can request test results online, alternatively, you can ring reception after 11am for results. Routine blood tests, urine and swab results take about 4 to 5 days, X-ray results 7 to 10 working days.